20 juni 2008

Belgian iPhone prices!

Stenito suggest on his blog some iPhone prices for Mobistar.
Belgian legislation seems to be quite complicated on this subject.

Tying is prohibited by Belgian law. Some exceptions exist, like a decoder for digital television.
Both products tied together should also be available individually. The discount on the tied products can not be higher than 1/3rd of the price of the individual products.

Mobile phone operators can give a product for free. But in that case that product should have publicity printed on it (big Mobistar logo on iPhone :-( and the value of the free product can only be 5% of the value of the other product. For a 199€ iPhone, that would be a mobile subscription worth 3980€ or 166€ per month for 2 years! If I would have to pay that amount, I want an iPhone without Mobistar logo ;-)

The question is if tying of a mobile phone with a mobile subscription is allowed by Belgian law. I don't think so. Mobistar will have to sell the iPhone without tying to a subscription.

My suggestion to Mobistar: 279€ for 8 GB and 379€ for 16 GB. In both cases locked for the 3 Belgian operators: Mobistar, Proximus and Base. With an exclusivity for Mobistar to be the only one in Belgium to sell the iPhone for the first three months.

In that case, Stenito can queue for me at a Mobistar store, because I am on holiday on 11 July (dammned!)

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