20 juni 2008

Review BlogIt

This post is being published from my iPod Touch.
First, the iPod Touch or iPhone is not suited to type long text. But if you have to post something fast and your iPhone is the only thing you have with you, BlogIt works just fine.
second, there is a small bug in this webapp: when you start a new line, the line begins without capital letter (like this sentence).
Third, no links, images or tags can be added to your post.
Fourth, when you type a long text, you can't see the beginning of your text anymore. No way to scroll up. I wonder if the whole text will be published.

Update from my Mac:
The whole text is published indeed. I have added tags to the post from my Mac.
The first set-up of BlogIt is somewhat complicated: setting up a login-id and password, and a link to your blog. But this is needed only once.
The posting is very fast. In BlogIt you get the message that the posting might take some time, but it is almost immediate.
Conclusion: BlogIt is just fine if you want to post small messages when you are on the road.

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