20 juni 2008

Rumor: FM support for iPhone 2.0 firmware

Users having the newest iPhone firmware (still in development) claim that firmware 2.0 has support for FM radio. That could mean that you will be able to use the Apple iPod Radio Remote with your iPhone or iPod Touch.
The Apple iPod Radio Remote contains a FM receiver. With the current firmware the iPhone or iPod Touch have no support for this Apple accessory.

Some remarks on this rumor:
- The interface of the iPhone and iPod Touch is completely different from the iPod interface. The remote function of the iPod Radio Remote will limit the usage to browsing through your music library and changing the volume.
- If this accessory can be used with an iPhone, it has no microphone built in for telephone conversations.
- If this rumor is true, a new radio accessory might be launched, supporting the characteristics of the iPhone and iPod Touch. But I doubt this, seen the effort (low) of Apple put in this accessory.

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